State of the Art Facility

Girouard Tool Corporation maintains a suitable infrastructure to achieve conformity
in product requirements. The infrastructure includes the buildings and associated utilities,
the work spaces,the process equipment and the supporting services including transport
and communications. 

At GTC, we take pride in our state of the art facility, keeping up with all of the
latest technology in injection molding. We are equipped with 13 injection molding
machines, ranging from 22 ton to 110 ton, including both electric and energy
efficient servo pump hydraulic machines.

iso9001 certified

 All of our equipment is professionally calibrated annually to ensure absolute precision
during production and quality inspections. We are ISO9001 certified with a class 10,000
clean room where we do 100% inspection as well as statistical process control on
all of our production. 


Keyence's Instant Measurement system completes 99 high-precision measurements on up to 99 simultaneous parts in 3 seconds. All measurement results and critical identifiers are automatically recorded to simplify data management. The system then automatically calculates critical statistical values and generates inspection reports.